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Holiday Mood

These Holiday Mood bars get the holiday mood going! They smell warm, spicey and citrusy. These bars scream Fall is here, not to mention all of the skin nourishing goodies that they're packed with! These bars are made with a few of our favorite ingredients such as luxurious goat milk, and unrefined shea butter (all of the nutrients are left in the butter) to create a creamy pampering lather. Their delicious lather and warm Fall fragrance can't be beat!


*Don't forget to add a soap saver to your order! Our soaps are handmade with no harsh preservatives add (unlike store bought detergent bars), therefore the natural oils will melt down faster. Using the soap saver to let your soap dry between uses will help to keep the lather going for longer. They are also, awesome for exfoliating the skin and to top it off they can be hand-washed and reusable!