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CurLtivate Bundle Box

We have decided to offer a bundle package of our hair care line for 5% off! Yes that's right! If you want to give everything a try and get the ultimate results for hair you can purchase all that we offer in our Magnifiscent Mane Line for 5% off yaay! This is a limited offer! Who doesn't love a deal? You'd get our Hair Growth Oil, Deep Conditioning Hair Butter and our signature CurLtivate Cream!

Tips for best use: Shampoo your hair with your favorite shampoo

-Make sure your hair is still saturated with water and use deep conditioner (see instructions on package for details)

-Apply Hair Growth Oil on scalp after conditioner has been rinsed. Oil can also be applied to your ends!

-Style using our CurLtivate Cream! You can add a bit of Hair Growth Oil to your finished look to add shine!