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Here For It Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Here For It is definitely one of our favorite Spring and Summer Fragrances! It is scented with the well known and loved Cucumber Melon-Yum! Need we say more?! This fragrance will definitely have you and those around feeling in a good mood!

Our emulsified sugar scrubs are EVERYTHING! They have just the right amount exfoliation to get rid of that dry, dead skin! The difference between our emulsified sugar scrubs and a plain and generic sugar scrub is ours turns into a silky lotion like solution on the skin when met with water šŸ˜† Stock up while in season!


Every scrub comes in a 10.3 oz jar

-Exfoliating āœ…

-Skin glowing āœ…

-Skin nourished, softened, and moisturized! āœ…