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Lavender Citrus Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Lavender combined with citrus...what more do we need to say? Our emulsified sugar scrubs are all handcrafted and made to order so that our customers receive the freshest products! All of our products made with our house made Lavender essential oil blend are year round BEST sellers! 

Yummy Lavender Citrus + gentle exfoliation + skin smoothing oils and butter= Silky, hydrated, baby smooth skin! Yes please! Did we mention that the aroma that comes from our Lavender Citrus scrub is a heavenly aroma therapy for your senses?! It is the complete package! 


Every scrub comes in a 10.3 oz jar

-Exfoliating ✅

-Skin glowing ✅

-Skin nourished, softened, and moisturized! ✅