Serenity - Magnifiscents Handmade
Serenity - Magnifiscents Handmade


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This one is for those who love a great spa like, soothing fragrance! Our Serenity bars not only smell amazing with notes of Rosemary, Peppermint and Lavender but they are so good for the skin! Yummy organic coconut milk is used to create these skin nourishing bars. We take our ingredients seriously! Cleansing and nourishing kaolin is added to each bar as well, not to mention shea butter and olive oil to ensure that your skin is left moisturized! Serenity is an all-around amazing bar to use rather it be for your senses or for a treat for your skin!


Don't forget to grab your soap saver bag! These bars help to prolong the use of your handmade soaps. Being that our handmade soaps contain no harsh chemicals or detergents, they are softer than store bought soaps. Leaving them in an area to dry between uses will help in keeping your lovely soap longer. They are reusable! 

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